Graduation of the First Batch of Certified Leaders of Excellence

As part of ADP ongoing efforts to empower and support its leaders to further underpin their success in their pursuit of sustainable excellence, and also to help them achieve ADP's strategic objectives which have to do with leadership empowerment and promoting knowledge. HE Dr. Emad Eddien Hussein, CEO of CMI and Principal Adviser of Training, Development, and Corporate Excellence, conducted the first session of the specialized workshop of "Leaders for Excellence" Course, which was attended by 23 ADP G.H.Q. leaders representing various departments and directorates; they are "Ambassadors of Excellence" who supervise many development and strategic initiatives at ADP G.H.Q.
The workshop touched upon the fundamental concepts and criteria of corporate excellence. There was a special focus on the criterion of Leadership, leadership criteria as well as other related criteria, and their correlation with the enablers map which is designed to further enhance the capabilities of excellent leaders. The workshop also included practical exercises.
In conclusion, there was agreement on letting each leader prepare an individual self-development roadmap to help him attain more empowerment to his capabilities according to the EFQM Excellence Model, this plan will be followed up by a coaching approach between each participant and the lecturer.
Dr. Hussein praised the participants' enthusiasm and professionalism, and their eagerness to achieve greater empowerment towards efficient and effective leadership, as well as their keenness on developing their advanced skills and corporate performance in accordance with the expectations of their leadership, and to fulfill their aspirations and ambitions.
At the last day of the course, HE Brigadier Saeed Saif Al Nuaimi Director of Abu Dhabi Police Purchasing and Warehouses Department awarded the graduates with their certificates, before he gave a commendation speech.